Help Local Businesses Make Money Despite The Second Wave of Covid-19

The First Ever Guaranteed Lead Generating Software For Local Businesses Created To Put Your Marketing Agency On Top Of The Charts

Now Sell Direct Niche Leads To Your Clients And Have THEM Chase YOU

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  • FIND Targeted Leads from Over 300 Million Businesses & Professionals That Need This Services
  • BUILD High-Converting Landing Pages From Our Built-In Library Of 92 Video Lead Page Templates
  • GENERATE Hot Buyer Traffic For Your Clients
  • REQUIRES No Start-Up Capital and No Skills
  • IDENTIFY Profitable and Easy-to-Sell Clients For You Using Advanced Technology
  • CONTACT & CLOSE Clients In A Heartbeat Using The Built-in Email Technology with Proven Swipes
  • SELL Phone Call Leads For Top Dollar
  • Commercial Rights Included Today - Sell Pages, Ads, Or Entire Lead Generation Campaign Creation As A Service To Clients.

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Take A Look At The Amazing Results
Of Our Existing Users...

LSA Agency is a software that has everything needed to help local businesses while also creating a highly lucrative business for yourself. LSA Agency Find Laser Targeted, High-Ticket Recurring Clients You Can Sell PHONE CALL LEADS To… In Just 60 Seconds. I have been making hundreds of dollars each day and I am super grateful to Victory and the entire team.

Linda Wray

For the first time, I was able to launch my own profitable local lead generation agency in minutes. Without hard work, huge costs, or the usual rejection from biz owners. This is a mega game-changer in my opinion.

Arthur Rousey

Unbelievable! This is the easiest money I have ever made online after trying tons of software. LSA Agency enables you to provide what business owners really need right now. LEADS, LEADS, AND MORE LEADS! With this simple and result-oriented tool I have been able to close deals worth over $4700 in less than 30 days. I appreciate the initial support as well.

Stanley Gates

LSA Agency is the ultimate tool for anyone serious about growing their online business. I work with local clients from various niche or industry and it only took a few minutes to start having traffic and leads coming in for their campaigns. As a Beta tester of this amazing platform, I am very impressed with the quality of this tool compared to others.

Linda Casas


Selling Leads & Earning Profits Made Certain & Ridiculously Easy In These Financially Troubled Times...

… make huge profits without wasting precious time, energy and money!

Tell me this:

Are You...

If the answer to these questions is YES, then know that you are not alone...

We were there too sometime back… but not anymore!

How? we sell exactly what every single business owner needs…


Businesses can’t sustain themselves at the current rate and are on the verge of shutting down. They barely care about building a loyal customer base.

There is no scope to be patient at this point and engage in trial-and-error methods of lead generation.

They need MONEY to stay afloat. They need PROFITS to prosper. You need THEM for your business to flourish!

Here comes in our simple & all-in-one solution for all their URGENT digital marketing needs & guaranteed lead generation requirements.

Regardless of the niche, drive leads for yourself and clients with just a few clicks!

But before we explain how that works, listen to this…

Ready To Leap At The Opportunity Of A
Lifetime To Multiply Your Income?

Hey, it’s Victory Akpos...

In my 10+ years of marketing, I’ve made millions of dollars and had the good fortune of helping over 30,000 customers get real results.

After evaluating what worked and what doesn’t… I can confirm that the easiest way to build a legitimate business from scratch in 2021 and beyond… is starting your own lead generation agency.

Reports show the industry is worth $135 billion in the U.S. alone, and being able to generate leads consistently online is the most important thing you can SELL today.

It’s really the MOST viable business opportunity there can ever be…

Our Word Isn’t Enough? Here’s Proof!

Small Businesses Still Haven’t Switched To Online Marketing Yet!

6 out of every 10 small businesses don’t have an online presence yet (GoDaddy). As the world has become digital, the survival of small businesses is dependent on their online presence. But as the numbers depict only a small percentage has taken to digital marketing.

Every Marketer’s Biggest Struggle Is To Generate Leads & Traffic!

Generating leads is the toughest part of marketing! 61% Marketers agree as per a Hubspot research! LSA Agency is every marketing agency’s dream! Imagine being able to guarantee targeted leads to your clients in these uncertain times. The amount of money you can earn with this powerful tool at this crucial time will leave you awestruck!

Name Your Price

Lead Generation Is The MOST WANTED Business of 2021

In just minutes from now… you’d be generating highly-targeted leads for yourself and your clients with ZERO effort.

Here’s a list of the things you’ll NEVER have to do again!

  • No More Hard-selling
  • No More Waiting
  • No More Brainstorming for “Unique” Strategies

Even until now creating lead pages, ads & generating targeted leads were easily paying over $25k per month…

But that’s about to change… it's going to get better and bigger…

Because of the ongoing pandemic - YOU CAN ASK FOR ANY AMOUNT YOU WANT!

But Niche Lead Generation Until Now
Has Always Been DIFFICULT...

There’s mainly TWO THINGS you needed...

#1 A Lead Generation Website

  • Outsource it and spend over $2k just to get a decent looking website or Do-It-Yourself spending countless hours scrolling through WP themes
  • Create content or hire a copywriter to do that for you spending another $1k for it
  • Build a lead magnet
  • Make it fully compliant (esp. ADA compliant)
  • Run split tests to see what design and content converts better
  • Keep updating the website

#2 Traffic

  • Spending hours & thousands of dollars on converting ad copy
  • Setting up ad campaigns
  • Going by the book in terms of guidelines
  • Waiting for Facebook and Google to review your ads.
  • Not getting the results that you had wanted after spending an arm and a leg!

Now you might be thinking…

There has to be a better way!!

And the answer is: Yes, there is…



The World’s First Automatic
360° Lead Generation Software

Now Create Complete Lead Generating Campaigns Without Coding,
Creative & Technical Skills

LSA Agency Premium

Anyone Can Create Video
Lead Generation Websites Within Minutes

Generate Targeted Leads For Your Business & Your Clients’

Fail-proof Method To Earn Exponential Profits During A Pandemic With...

Pro Level Layout, Copy & Design For

Mobile Optimized And Google Compliant

Built-In Email Marketing Technology
To Connect With & Close Clients

Easily Create Matching Google Ads

Using Our Secret Training To Teach You All The Hacks To Get (Guaranteed) Phone Leads

Ads That Turn Enormous Traffic Into Real Customers

Built To Outperform On Google

Tried & Tested To Generate The Greatest Engagement & Thousands Of Leads

If You're Sceptical And Don't Trust Anyone
On The Internet, Here's Some Feedback From
Real People Like You:

I run a spa in my neighborhood. It’s been hell getting customers since the lockdown was lifted. But with Lsaagency, I’ve been able to get contact of clients who are in dire need of our services. It’s been 8 days since I started contacting clients in my hood and I’m yet to go through all of the leads in my niche. This is superb. Thanks guys for this wonderful piece.

Marsha Pruitt

As a restaurant owner, getting customers to patronize my business during and after the lockdown was very difficult as it seemed most clients no longer read emails. But when I got access to Lsaagency, I was able to find fresh leads of people that loved restaurant dishes and with the inbuilt DFY messages in the app I was able to convince them to buy from me. Also, with the help of the app I was able to sell leads to other local businesses in my vicinity who also needed help with their businesses. This app is simply a goldmine.

Robert Russ

I’d been searching all over the internet for a software that can genuinely help make me real money despite the lockdown. However, when I stumbled upon LSA Agency that promised to help me earn money selling phone numbers to local businesses, I became a bit skeptical cos it seemed too good to be true. But since it was being sold at a giveaway price, I decided to give it a try. And to my greatest surprise, LSA Agency was all that it promised to be and more. I’ve been earning cool moolah consistently from local businesses with little or no effort.

Jessica Thomas

Customize Your Campaign Using Our
Range of 92 Hot Selling Templates

One Comprehensive Tool To
Make You The Front Runner

Need a fast & guaranteed form of lead generation for demanding clients?

Now you can create & sell landing pages and ads for multiple clients within a few minutes with our point-n-click dashboard.

Multiply your profits by helping your clients earn more & quickly!

Want to increase your profits during a pandemic?

Here’s the full-proof and only method to make money during a global crisis! Leverage the high demand for lead generation and ads in the market

Expand your range of clients from established brands to new local businesses with no digital presence yet!

Create automated holistic lead generation campaigns within minutes. Instantly witness the growth in traffic & multiplication of profits!

Hard-Pressed For Time & Money? Not Tech Friendly?

You can make an agency worth of profit as an individual with LSA Agency.

Save on the extremely high fee of creative and technical experts.

Attract enormous traffic towards your landing pages & ads without burning a hole in your pocket.

The easy interface does all the work as you simply pick & choose with the click of a few buttons!

You Are 3 Steps Away From Success-

Nothing Beats LSA Agency In Simplicity, Sophistication & Results. Check It Out.

Grab LSA Agency Now & Save $168.00

Usually $197/Month, Today Only 1-Time $29.99

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Powerful Features. Massive Profits.

✓ Lead Finder

Identify your clientele with the feature that will help you sell more.

Get access to over 300 million businesses & millions of professionals that need customers.

✓ Agency Site Builder

Build your presence as an agency.

Select & customize any of our 4 trend-setting templates to create your agency site to showcase your services to local businesses, build credibility and close clients fast.

Let your audience know you for your brilliant work & remember it for eternity.

✓ Local Lead Page Builder

Access to 92 DFY Local Business Lead Pages to create high converting lead pages for local businesses.

The wide range of hot-selling templates can be customized to your individual client needs.

✓ High-Converting Email Templates

Written by professionals, use any of the DFY templates to pitch and close clients with ease.

You’ll never have to hire a copywriter to create effective emails again.

✓ 1-Click Email Sender

Easily contact ALL your new leads with one single click!

No more hassle of logging into your email id in a separate window.

Our integrated technology makes your life simple with each passing email.

✓ Drag & Drop Page Builder

Easily drag and drop any elements on your webpage and build a website fast.

Bid adieu to the hassles of coding and layout testing.

✓ Domain & Subdomain

Attach your own domain to your agency sites or to client’s websites.

Increase your agency recall more than ever!

✓ Leads Campaign Manager

With the Global Business Lead Finder, you’re going to have a LOT of leads…Keep track of all the potential leads you want to work with.

We sort & organize your leads in the most efficient manner possible.

✓ Client Calendar

Keep detailed track of project deadlines, meetings with potential clients, and more.

Plus manage your outsourcers and automate your recurring income.

You can now fire your secretary as you have access to the most efficient admin you will ever find.

✓ Google Local Service Ads Training

Learn hacks to run local service ads for local businesses and get them paying clients…charge a quick $1000 buck for it.

Our easy & quick tutorials train you to become an expert within minutes.

✓ Mobile Responsive

LSA Agency sites are fully responsive and will work seamlessly on desktop, mobile, tablet and other devices.

Working remotely has a new definition with your personalized dashboard that can be accessed at any time from anywhere.

✓ Built-In SEO Tags

SEO tags for all pages to rank higher in search engines.

Level up your ranking and attract more customers with powerful integrated tags & ZERO EFFORT.

✓ Export and Publish

Download the whole site files and publish to a remote server via FTP.

And a lot more...

And If That Wasn’t Enough...

Here’s MORE! Avail A Free Upgrade To Our Commercial License When You Buy The Personal Subscription Today

Don’t just earn from one client!

Sell campaigns to multiple clients and multiply your profits!

LSA Agency’s versatile functions help you encash the top dollar with great ease!

Sell & Host Landing Pages

Create, Customize & Host Lead Generation Pages For Clients & Get Paid More Than $500 for Each!

Create & Sell 360° Campaigns

Charge Clients More Than $2000 Per Month For Guaranteed To Succeed Holistic Lead Generation Campaigns.

Multiply Profits By Selling Individual Leads

Charge Per Phone Lead To Earn MORE than Ever!

LSA Agency Guarantees Profits Like
No Other Business Model

Grab LSA Agency Now & Save $168.00

Usually $197/Month, Today Only 1-Time $29.99

Early Bird Offer Expiring In...

LSA Agency Is Literally A Blank Check
That You Can Encash NOW.

Here’s your chance to avail the cheapest cost per lead on Google Local Service Ads.

Create matching ads to your landing page without any effort! Our wizards behind the scenes ensure that they are fully compliant & optimized to get you the most relevant traffic!

Create hot selling & record breaking lead generation campaigns within minutes with no technical skills at all!

The results will leave you surprised!

No Waiting. Only Profiting.

Time is money is a cliché for a reason. Now you don’t have to wait endlessly for ads to be reviewed...only to realize they are rejected!

We comply with all rules & save your account from being banned under any circumstances!

Our landing pages & ads are made to shine on Google against all odds & competition!

Real Users Swear By LSA Agency
To Guarantee Leads To Clients

LSA Agency Is The Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Struggling Local Businesses...
Here’s Proof!

What’s In It For You?

You don’t have to be an agency to make remarkable profits using LSA Agency.
It’s suited to make ALL types of businesses SUCCEED.

Video Marketers

Embed videos onto ultra-fast landing pages with our sophisticated built-in technology. Guarantee enormous targeted traffic that is sure to convert! Leverage the power of videos to make your landing pages convert MORE THAN EVER.

Affiliate Marketers

Customize our high selling templates & convert them into highly profitable sales pages or bridge pages for affiliate products. You never have to worry about writing converting copy, gaining high traffic & selling products ever again!

Newbie Marketers

If you intend on making it big in this highly competitive industry, here’s the secret ingredient for your success! Simply download, build high converting lead generating pages, guarantee leads and bask in the glory of your BRIGHT FUTURE!

Building An Agency Is
Not Rocket Science Anymore...!

Making Profits Has Never Been Easier Than Using LSA Agency’s
Automated Technology That Does Everything You Need To Make Your Business Grow.

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Any delay in buying LSA Agency will burn a hole in your pocket. This special price is the lowest it’ll ever be sold at… but only until the countdown lasts.

Our technical & customer service staff is working round the clock to provide you with a seamless experience. This costs a lot of money! So it’s only natural for us to charge more for our world-class service.

We will be shifting our subscription model to a monthly subscription at the end of this launch period offer. You are the chosen one, so avail this LOWEST ONE-TIME-ONLY OFFER.

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Here's A Special Bribe For You To Start Using LSA Agency Irrespective Of what Service Or Product You're Selling To Capture More Leads, Traffic And Sales.

Get Reseller Rights To 4 JVZoo Top Selling Premium Software. (You can charge users a monthly recurring fee or a one-time fee and pocket 100% of the profits)


FREE LeadProfiter Reseller License (Worth $711)

Lead Profiter is brand new software that allow users to capture high converting leads without the need of any landing pages or optin forms, users can send eMails and also Follow-ups messages On Complete Autopilot, without the use of any third-party auto-responders software.

NOW You Have The Opportunity to Sell LeadProfiter As Your OWN Product And Keep 100% Profits.


FREE Unlimited Reseller License Of Outreachr (Worth $711)

This New Interactive Content Marketing Software Will Help You Generate Massive Engagements, Get More Leads & Make More Sales in Minutes.

Use Outreachr to instantly create highly interactive Quizzes, Video Pop-Ups, Surveys, Polls, Stories, Galleries & Personality Tests to 20X list building and sales conversion on your websites, blogs, & social media.

NOW You Have The Opportunity to Sell Outreachr As Your OWN Product And Keep 100% Profits.


FREE Reseller License Of VeedAds (Worth $711)

This Complete Traffic & Sales-Driving Videos Creator Complete Marketing System Is Here To Get Your Business Up And Running In No Time..

- Easiest Video Editor With Futuristic Splitting Technology
- Smartest Video Resizer - Adaptable To Any Device
- Sharp Video to GIF Converter
- World’s Strongest 1 Click Keyword Video Finder
- High Converting Intro & Outro With Music & Logos
- 1000s Of High Converting Templates In Any Niche
- 1000s of High Converting Stock Videos
- 1000s of High Converting Stock 4kUHD Graphics
- 500+ High Converting Free Music Libraries/Audios

NOW You Have The Opportunity to Sell VeedAds As Your OWN Product And Keep 100% Profits.


FREE Reseller License Of SnapiShop (Worth $711)

Snapishop is the World’s First and Only Smart Cloud-Based eCom Store Builder…

In just a few clicks, Snapishop builds fully optimised and monetised eCom stores with all the bells and whistles needed to bank big passive commissions:

...WITHOUT Paying Monthly Fees
...WITHOUT Needing Shopify
...WITHOUT Prior Experience Or Technical Skills
...WITHOUT Any Steep Learning Curves

NOW You Have The Opportunity to Sell SnapiShop As Your OWN Product And Keep 100% Profits.

Two Minutes To Skyrocketing Lead Generation Campaigns Supported By Our Full Refund Policy

Try LSA Agency to witness the ground-breaking effect on your business! It’s the most full-proof method to convert targeted leads into customers INSTANTLY.

In case you don’t enjoy this experience (that is faster than making cup noodles) then you can return it even more easily! Simply put in a request within 30 days of your purchase & allow us to instantly REFUND your ENTIRE money! Test-drive this state-of-the-art tool today and see for yourself.

LSA Agency is the simplest & fastest software for you to profit that has ever been invented! Create lead generation campaigns that are guaranteed to work for every niche! Say goodbye to unnecessary expenditures on freelancers, coders, copywriters, ad specialists, video makers & many others…

Replace them with ONE powerful tool that does EVERYTHING for you within minutes & needs zero effort!

Grab The Golden Opportunity Before Others Do!

A secret so powerful, expecting it to be “hush hush” is injustice to the world! It’ll be out for everyone to profit soon. Here’s your chance to earn a fat paycheck before your competitors do...

Skip the hassles of creating effective content, expensive funnel building and hiring high maintenance “experts”.

Now you & LSA Agency is all that is required to create powerful & highly converting lead generating pages and ads.

Leverage the URGENT demand for lead generation across niches during the pandemic & the constant need FOREVER. Attract thousands of leads within minutes before everyone in the industry is doing it!

Our State-Of-The-Art Technology Switches Hard Work With Smart Work To Succeed

Just like every business, we’re sure you need this service. But if you’re still wondering if you need it, then you’re only wasting precious time…

Survival is extremely hard for all local businesses at this moment. Lead generation is the need of the hour. It’s time to leverage the opportunity to make & support others in increasing monthly earnings.

Create & sell complete lead generation campaigns for a lump-sum fee or sell each lead separately. Either way… there is big money in this business!

Give your clients the easy alternative to sales meetings, cold calls & nervous presentations. Switch them with targeted traffic that are sure to convert with simple clicks of buttons.

All this with little to NO effort from your end. Our sophisticated technology integrated with artificial intelligence auto generates matching ads to support your endeavours.

Don’t miss the money-loaded train. Press “BUY NOW” to jump onto the bandwagon.

Recapping The Limitless Features
At Your Fingertips!

  • 50 DFY Lead Generation Websites

  • 1000 Lead Searches Per Month

  • 1000 Email Broadcast Per Month

  • Lead Finder

  • Agency Site Builder

  • 1-Click Email Sender

  • Client Calendar

  • Google Local Service Ads Training

  • Mobile Responsive

  • Built-In SEO Tags

  • Local Lead Page Builder

  • High-Converting Email Templates

  • Leads Campaign Manager

  • Drag & Drop Page Builder

  • Domain & Subdomain

  • Export and Publish

  • Bonus #1

  • Bonus #2

  • Bonus #3

  • Bonus #4

  • Commercial License

  • 30-Day Money back Guarantee

One-Time Low Price

LSA Agency Premium

Efficient Service. Path-Breaking Results

Our aim is to provide you with a hassle-free experience with NO disruptions. Our team of experts are constantly working behind the scenes to upgrade the technology & make this the ground-reality.

LSA Agency is going to become more powerful with each passing day, it’s a promise. Our support staff is available round-the-clock for any questions or queries that you may have.

With a team so bright, results are guaranteed to be EXCEPTIONAL.

Victory Akpos

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do I need LSA Agency when I already have a funnel builder?

When you have a cheaper & faster alternative that helps you make more money! You simply upgrade without any doubts. LSA Agency assures higher loading speed than other builders. No other builder automatically creates converting landing pages and matching ads. Using any other software, you will have to create a copy yourself or hire an expert to do it! In short, you will spend more to earn less! We guarantee you enormous traffic & targeted leads for your niche.

Q2. Do I need to pay a monthly fee for this software? Is support included?

When you buy LSA Agency today you can avail it at the lowest one-time cost ever! However, this offer lasts only for the next few days. After that you will be paying a monthly fee. Our 24X7 Support desk is accessible to you with your purchase.

Q3. Is there step-by-step training included?

Our step-by-step tutorials will help you become an expert within hours! Watch a simple video to begin profiting instantly.

Q4. Does this work for Mac and PC?

LSA Agency is 100% cloud based so it works with an internet connection on any browser, although we recommend using Google Chrome. Use a Mac, PC or even your mobile. Take your pick!



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